Thursday, May 16, 2013

SCRAPS: an album of bits and pieces and pits and bieces

a couple days ago, on a whim i decided to put together a bunch of old bits and pieces of old music projects i had floating around on my hard drive for years into some sort of cryptic, grabbag-type format. i named it SCRAPS. for more details and discussion on why i chose to do this, see my tweets here:

i've been extremely frustrated and creatively congested for many many years, musically. i've felt like it was all building up to something, but i've put so much pressure on myself that it's never happened. hopefully doing this will alleviate some of that pressure. feel free to send to signal boost and send it friends and stuff, because it would really help me to get more exposure for this.

the album is 43 tracks and 67 minutes long. there are no guarantees of quality or consistency, but that's just part of the experience. things range from back in 2002 to stuff i literally just added yesterday. some are arrangements of videogame music from my ocremix days. there are also things in here with my pre-transition singing voice that i am very uncomfortable with, but i'm dealing with it.

the track titles are somewhat cryptic bits of ascii art i made to fit my feelings about the music in them in one way or another. possibly the best way to listen is to click on ones at random - then it becomes a sort of an exploration game. i even have been thinking of making a twine game for this album that better encapsulates this concept, but we'll see how that goes.

on the periphery of this is also my Actual Old Songs album Live Active Cultures, which i've hated for many years...but might be coming back around to these days. give it some of your love too, if you can - it desperately needs it.

the album is pay what you want, and i would really appreciate anything anyone can contribute.

i'll give you all a starting point into the cryptic world of SCRAPS. here's a cleaned-up version of an old arrangement of "terra" and "awakening" from Final Fantasy 6:

please share & enjoy!

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