Thursday, July 18, 2013

articles on Problem Attic

just wanted to give a shout out to the lovely people who have taken it upon themselves to write about Problem Attic. here's a list of several i've found:

I played: Problem Attic by Joe Wreschnig
a short article with some great observations about the overall feel and intent of the game

- Problem Attic Thoughts by Kim D
some thoughts on how the game is played, and on the music and visuals

- The Creative Veil by Eli Brody
cool article not specifically about Problem Attic that talks about art that creates a sort of veil which hides the underlying process of how it was actually constructed.

- Absurdism in Games by Solon Scott
interpretation of Problem Attic as an "absurdist game", along with a couple other indie games.

- Glitch This: Problem Attic by Chris Priestman
article on indiestatik that went up the day i released the first version. i wish the author would've waited to reach the latter chunk of the game when things change up, but i appreciate the article nonetheless.

knowing that some people have had an intense enough reaction to be compelled to write about the game makes me feel very good. thanks again to everyone for sharing their thoughts!