Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Problem Attic news

first of all, the game's soundtrack is available here:

it contains 15 tracks (5 hidden to avoid spoilers) and several extras. it's 3 dollars or more.

second, the final, definitive version of the game is available here:


6/30 UPDATE: the jump key in the above version is now the up arrow key, at the suggestion of a few people. let me know if that's easier.

right click and "save target as" if you don't want to play it in your browser. the mirror is updated, and it's here:


i also put the game up on gamejolt for the hell of it



what's changed? well, i decided to add another section to the game, which requires the player to go through some previously optional story elements. i felt it was too important for the understanding the overall experience not to have them in the game. the ending is also different - the sequences are more or less the same, but there's different music and the mood is different. it's a little bit more emotionally resonant and less cryptic for me.

save game transferring from a previous version is difficult. if you downloaded it over top of the previous file, then it should save your game. if you play from the mirror it also might save your game. otherwise, it won't. that's unfortunately how it works, and i can't really do anything to change it. i'm sorry there isn't a better option.

i felt like i wanted people to see those things in order to beat the game, though i understand it may be too late for people to want to play it through again anyway. at the very least, i have it updated in time to be judged for indiecade in the form i'm most happy with.

i'm officially closing the book on this game. i hope you've enjoyed it.