Thursday, October 25, 2012

i made a music video

while looking for screenshots for my tumblr, i stumbled upon a whole world of tech demos made over the years for the zx spectrum (many of them russian). the deer running through the meadow bit at the beginning of the final video fit so well with the beginning of this song that it inspired me to do a whole video. i eagerly grabbed a bunch of them off youtube and started piecing them together into some kind of weird pseudo-narrative. i didn't have to do that much editing, as it turns out, because the ones i found were all pretty brilliant in their own ways. if nothing else, i hope this video will be a testament to that (and a testament to Blues Control, a very underrated group).

here is the link to a playlist with all demos i used in the video.

(i'm also uploading a couple more chemical warfare videos as we speak, for anyone keeping track)

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  1. beautiful. lovely to see two interests of mine in one place : virtual worlds & experimental/outside- music.

    right now i'm assembling a collection of abstract, experimental, mysterious, terrifying, cosmic, oneiric, bizarre, surreal etc games for a community library project. i'd be delighted to hear any recommendations you might have for these sorts of works. (extase is a game in these realms that i've just discovered through your writings!)

    alex. (


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